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Consolidated Communications on Opening of Quota 2015

Schedule of Quota Release


Step-by-Step Guides:

2015 Balloting system (Solar PV for non-individuals up to 425kW)

- 2015 Step-by-Step Guide on e-FiT with New Queue System

- 2015 Step-by-Step Guide on Solar PV (Community)

Result of Balloting :

Solar PV application for Non-Individuals (up to 425kW)  

Manual Submission for Non-Individual Solar PV 425kW up to 1MW :

- Manual Feed-in Approval Application Form for PV Installations Having a Rated kWp > 425 kWp and up to and Including 1,000 kWp

Requirements for Manual Submission_Solar PV 425kW up to 1MW

Summary of Application

- Clarifications to the Merit Points criteria

- Manual Submission Clarifications (updated 22 January 2015)

- Manual Submission Merit Points (Final)

- Results of the Manual of Feed-in Approval (FiA) Applications for Non-Individual Solar Photovoltaic Installations having Rated Capacities above 425 kW up to and including 1 MW  

Info on BIPV, Local Module & Inverter Bonus & Examples of BIPV :

Example of the use of Solar PV Modules as Building Material

Info on Documentary Evidence Required for Locally Manufactured or Assembled Solar Photovoltaic Modules and Solar Inverters

Speech :

- Teks Ucapan Y. B. Datuk  Seri DiRaja Mahdzir bin Khalid, Timbalan Menteri Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air Sempena Acara Balloting Kategori Solar Fotovolta (PV) Bukan Individu dengan Kapasiti kurang dari 425kW (9 March 2015)

Press releases :

SEDA Announces Critical Dates for 2015 Quota Release for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) for Non-Individuals and Community as well as other Non Solar PV Quotas (24 January 2015)

SEDA Carried Out Second Balloting Process for Solar Photovoltaic Applications for Non-Individuals (Up To 425 KW) (9 March 2015)

- SEDA responses to Allegations by MPs for Kota Kinabalu and Serdang(14 March 2015)


- Balloting Process on Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Application for Non-Individual (up to 425kW)

Announcement :

Listing of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Applications for Non-Individuals (up to 425 kW) for balloting on 9 March 2015

- Extension of deadline for 100% completion of Draft Application for the Non-individuals (up to 425kW) to 2nd March 2015 (Monday)

- Opening of FiA (Individual) applications for Solar PV projects in Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan and Registration for FiA (Community)

- Updates on Solar PV (Individual) FiT programme for projects in Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan

- Quota Opening for Solar PV (Community) 2015

For more info :

Email: quota_release@seda.gov.my 

Hotliner: 03-8870 5800


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