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How to Apply for FiA for Solar PV Installations ≤ 72kW

If you are thinking of having your own Solar PV system, the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) system is the way to go. It gives everyone the chance to produce their own renewable energy (RE), make profit and help to conserve the environment. What is next? Please go through the steps as shown in the flow chart and seek a service provider who is able to advise you on how much you are willing to invest including the installation capacity, how much energy you can generate and your monthly income based on energy generation per month. Not only that, you are also reducing your own carbon footprint which is good for the environment and all of us.

The advantages and benefits of installing renewable energy and benefitting of FiT are numerous. But many are put off on how to get started. Therefore, this flowchart may serve as a guide for you on step by step towards achieving your objective.  What you need to do is to check the rules as in Step 1. Once you have satisfied all the criteria, you can then follow through the rest of the steps

The Feed-in Approval (FiA) application steps are as follows:
Step 1
Interested party to check / comply with (check at www.seda.gov.my) :
» Renewable Energy (Feed-in Approval and  Feed-in Tariff Rate) Rules 2011
» Renewable Energy (Criteria for Renewable Resources) Rules 2011
» Renewable Energy (Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements) Rules 2011
» SEDA Malaysia : RE quota (application based on scheduled FiT Commencement Date)
Step 2
» Secure legal rights to the site of the RE installation / letter of intent from the site owner (if  you do not own the property)
» Design RE installation (capacity, technical details, etc)
» Check relevant local authority and other governmental requirements
» Contact potential financier & obtain financing offer letters/term sheet
» Prepare work plan & major milestones
Step 3
Apply for FiA (either through online or manual submission)
Step 4
» Sign Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA) with relevant Distribution Licensee (DL)
Register the signed REPPA with SEDA Malaysia
Step 5
Sign financing agreement(s) and fulfil all conditions to first drawdown
Step 6
» Service provider/ contractor to commence & complete PV system
Step 7
FiT meter installation
Step 8
» Carry out Acceptance Test (to be verified & certified by Qualified Person)
Step 9
» FiT Commencement Date
Give notice of FiT Commencement Date to SEDA Malaysia & DL before and after FiT Commencement Date
Start of FiT duration
Step 10
» Monthly meter readings
» DL will issue monthly payment advice to FiA holder after meter is read
» FiT payment to be paid by DL within 30 days after issuance of payment advice




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