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How to Apply for FiA for other RE Installations

The Feed-in Approval (FiA) application steps are as follows:

Step 1
Interested party to check / comply with (check at www.seda.gov.my) :
» Renewable Energy (Feed-in Approval and Feed-in Tariff Rate) Rules 2011
» Renewable Energy (Criteria for Renewable Resources) Rules 2011
» Renewable Energy (Technical & Operational Requirements) Rules 2011
» Renewable Energy (Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements) Rules 2011
» SEDA Malaysia : RE quota (application based on scheduled FiT Commencement Date)
Step 2
» Secure legal rights to the site of the RE installation / letter of intent from the site owner
» Design RE installation (capacity, technical details, etc)
» Conduct connection confirmation check (CCC) for RE installations > 12 kW and up to 425 kW (to be conducted by the relevant Distribution Licensee).
Conduct power systems study (PSS) for RE installations >425 kW (to be conducted by the relevant Distribution Licensee)
» Check relevant local authority and other governmental requirements
» Contact potential financier & obtain financing offer letters/term sheet
» Prepare work plan & major milestones
Step 3
Apply for FiA (either through online or manual submission)
Step 4
» Sign Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (REPPA) with relevant Distribution Licensee (DL)
Register the signed REPPA with SEDA Malaysia
» Apply for public generation license (provisional) from the Energy Commission
Step 5
» Sign financing agreement(s) and fulfil all conditions to first drawdown
» Apply for public generation license (permanent) from the Energy Commission
Step 6
» Issue notice to proceed to service provider/ contractor to commence work
» Design, install and construct RE installation and interconnection facilities
Step 7
FiT meter installation
Step 8
» For RE Installations connected through medium or high voltage connections, fulfil conditions to Initial Operation Date & conduct reliability run (to be verified and certified by Qualified Person)
» For all RE Installations, carry out Acceptance Test (to be verified & certified by Qualified Person)
Step 9
» FiT Commencement Date
Give notice of FiT Commencement Date to SEDA Malaysia & DL before and after FiT Commencement Date
Start of FiT duration
Step 10
» Monthly meter readings
» DL will issue monthly payment advice to FiA holder after meter is read
» FiT payment to be paid by DL within 30 days after issuance of payment advice


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