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Functions of SEDA
SEDA has all the functions conferred on it under the Renewable Energy Act 2011, any other sustainable energy laws as well as the following functions:
  • To advise the Minister and relevant Government Entities on all matters relating to sustainable energy including recommendations on policies laws and actions to be applied to promote sustainable energy;
  • To promote and implement the national policy objectives for renewable energy;
  • To promote, stimulate, facilitate and develop sustainable energy;
  • To implement, manage, monitor and review the feed-in tariff system including to carry out investigations, collect, record and maintain data, information and statistics concerning the feed-in tariff system, and to provide such data information and statistics to the Minister as he may from time to time require;
  • To implement sustainable energy laws and to recommend reform to such laws to the Federal Government;
  • To promote private sector investment in the sustainable energy sector including to recommend to the relevant Government Entities incentives in relation to taxes, customs and excise duties and other fiscal incentives applicable to such investment;
  • To carry out or arrange for the conduct of researches, assessments, studies and advisory services, collate, analyse and publish information, statistics and factors influencing or relevant to the development of sustainable energy and to disseminate such relevant information, statistics and factors to Government Entities, the public and investors or potential investors investing in sustainable energy;
  • To conduct promote and support, in such manner as SEDA Malaysia deems fit, research and innovation activities relating to sustainable energy;
  • To conduct, promote and support, in such manner as SEDA Malaysia deems fit, training or other programmes relating to the development of human resources and capacity building in the sustainable energy sector;
  • To implement measures to promote public participation and to improve public awareness on matters relating to sustainable energy;
  • To act as a focal point to assist the Minister on:
    • matters relating to sustainable energy; and
    • climate change matters relating to energy
  • To carry out any other functions conferred by or under any sustainable energy law and to perform any other functions that are supplemental incidental or consequential to any of the functions above.
Source: SEDA Act 2011 (S. 15)


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