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Registration Form

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Company Information
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State :
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Contact Information
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Supporting Documents
Format acceptable: PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, DOC. Maximum size of each file should not exceed 2MB. Suggested scanning resolution : 200dpi (Please ensure the content should be in a readable condition)
Company Profile :
Form 8 (Certificate of Incorporation of Public Company) or Form 9 (Certificate of Incorporation of Private Company); or Form D (The certificate of registration of the Firm issued by the Registrar of Businesses) or the letter or certificate relating to the constitution of the Firm from the bodies regulating the profession in which the firm is practicing in (for Firm only); or the Certificate of Registration issued under Limited Liability Partnership Act 2012 (for Partnership only); or Form D (Business Registration Act, 1956) (for Sole Proprietorship only). :
MyKad :
ISPQ Certificate :
Form 24 (Return of Allotments of Shares) with minimum paid-up capital of RM100,000.00 (for Public or Private Company only); or a minimum balance of RM100,000 in the bank account for 3 consecutive months prior to the registration of the entity with SEDA Malaysia (for Firm, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship only). :
Form 49 (Particulars in Registers of Directors, Managers & Secretaries) (for Public or Private Company only); or An Ownership Structure Diagram (for Firm, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship only). :
Memorandum & Articles of Association of Company (for Public or Private Company only); or the relevant minutes of proceedings of a meeting of the Firm or Partnership duly signed by the chairman/Director of the meeting, authorizing the representative to make this application (for Firm or Partnership only); or Form D (Business Registration Act, 1956 - in Type of Business) (for Sole Proprietorship only) : reflecting design/install/maintenance of renewable energy installations as part of their line of business :
A copy of SEDA Malaysia Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic (GCPV) System Design Training certificate of the Qualified Person. :
A copy of MyKad (front & back) for Malaysian citizen) / Passport for non-Malaysian citizen of the Qualified Person :
A copy of Letter of Appointment between the Company and the Qualified Person and a copy of KWSP/EPF payment slip; unless the Qualified Person is a substantial shareholder of the company (not less than 15 % shareholding), or a partner in the Partnership, or the Sole Proprietor; in such case, the appropriate form showing such ownership. :

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Terms and Conditions

  • Applications for listing are open to any companies or other entities related to renewable energy. Applications can only be made online from www.seda.gov.my.
  • Each entity can be listed in more than one category (if applicable). However, separate fees will be charged based on each of the following categories:
    • Consultancy
    • Equipment Supplier
    • Universities/Training Centres/Research Institutes
    • Manufacturer
    • Recognized Local Manufacturer/ Assembler
  • All applications are subjected to the approval of SEDA Malaysia. Once your application has been approved, you would be required to submit evidence of payment and your company’s profile will only be upload to the directory once the payment is cleared.
  • A fixed processing fee will be charged upon approval for first listing as per Table 1. The processing fee will not be prorated regardless of the commencement of listing.

    Table 1: Processing, Renewal and Update Data Fee

    No. Category Processing Fee (inclusive GST) Renewal Fee (inclusive GST)
    1 Consultancy RM1,000 RM1,000
    2 Equipment Supplier RM1,000 RM1,000
    3 Universities/Training Centres/Research Institutes RM1,000 RM1,000
    4 Manufacturer RM1,000 RM1,000
    5 Recognized Local Manufacturer/ Assembler
    1. Local Entities
    2. Multi-national Companies



  • The listing will expire every 31st December. In order to remain listed in the directory, entities are required to renew their annual subscription fees at least one (1) month prior to the expiry date.
  • SEDA Malaysia has the right to accept or refuse any application for listing in its absolute discretion without providing any reason and any decision made shall be final. SEDA Malaysia also has the right in its absolute discretion to de-list any entity from the directory should any of the events below occurs:
    • SEDA Malaysia have any grounds to believe or suspect that the information provided is false, inaccurate, incomplete and/or misleading; or
    • SEDA Malaysia receives complaint from Feed In Approval Holder about the entity’s misconduct; or
    • whenever SEDA Malaysia deemed necessary.
    In the occurrence of any of the above events, the processing and renewal fee will not be refunded.
  • SEDA Malaysia shall be entitled to review and reverse any approval of listing at any time and from time to time if the relevant entity fails, refuses and/or neglects to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein. No refund of any processing or renewal fee will be made.
  • All decisions of SEDA Malaysia relating to the listing directory shall be final and any appeal will not be entertained.
  • SEDA Malaysia shall not be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information retrieved from the web page, or for any form of loss incurred arising from or in connection with the listing or use of any such information. In no way can the information retrieved from the web page be interpreted as any recommendation or recognition by SEDA Malaysia of the entities listed therein, and no such entities can be interpreted as being an agent to, or act as companies affiliated with, SEDA Malaysia or the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water.
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